The Most Beautiful Magical Nature Hotels

Below are three of the most stunning hotels in the world. They all give a magical feel and encompass a fantastic feeling of being at one with both the natural and spiritual world. I truly believe the best hotels in are the ones which are unique, whether in terms of architecture or the feeling they give the guest. Read below to find more where to find these fantastic places.

1. Magic Mountain Hotel

Officially known as the “Montana Magicia Lodge”, this hotel reminds me of something between a mini volcano and a giant tee-pee. You can find it in the heart of the Patagonian rainforest in Chile. There are no televisions in this accommodation, which may put off some people, but it all adds to the natural feel! With the non-stop pace and constant technology in every day life – this is a great place to get away from it all. There are plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, a sauna, zip-line and more. The interior features furniture crafted from tree trunks which give a homely, rustic feel.

magic mountain hotel


2. Crazy House Hotel

Calling this magical place a hotel doesn’t do it justice, it’s a Gaudi-esque piece of art! You can find it in Vietnam and it was designed by architect Dang Viet Nga. Hang owns the property, and  if you’re lucky you might see her strolling the premises. It’s constructed from a dead tree and the interior is full of weird and wonderful things such as mysterious ladders and giant wooden animals. There is also a garden which follows the same fairy-tale theme with sculptures.


3. La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel

Finally the “La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel” near Durby in Belgium. This unusual hotel is designed as an enormous wooden Trojan horse. This provides a unique experience and there are ten rooms that are all sculpted completely from natural materials. Rooms are $50-$150 per night but it’s certainly worth it if you’re looking to get close to nature and to stay somewhere different. With the perfect mix of comfort & craziness we really recommend giving it a visit.