Futuristic Hotels

Have you seen a sci-fi movie where the designs look high-tech or futuristic? Do you enjoy seeing such a movie? Because if you wanted to, you can always stay in a futuristic hotel to accommodate you. You might not believe but it is true if you wanted here are things that a futuristic hotel might have that most hotels wouldn’t have.

Architectural design.

You see when you think about futuristic hotels it would be something that you don’t see every day. The design goes beyond ordinary and simple and you may reference it to a sci-fi movie or any futuristic movie that you have a watch. There are some futuristic hotels that look like a spaceship that you see in sci-fi movies.

One of my favorite designs is the sphere hotel by Milla Rezanova.

Interior design.

Another thing that a futuristic hotel would have would be the high-tech futuristic design. When you get inside it wouldn’t look like so common room but rather computers and furniture would look like something from a sci-fi movie. This would also go with the rooms of the hotel because you wouldn’t be staying in a 1600 century room but a room with technology and edgy furniture.

Amenities offered.

Rather than the usual retail store and swimming pool, the futuristic hotel can offer you beds that can spin or do certain things for your entertainment , for example having a television that can just pop from the floor so that you can maximize the use of the space in your room. There is even some bathroom glass that changes color.


Normally, when you stay at a common hotel the telephone would look ordinary but when you visit a futuristic hotel the telephone would look high-tech or is high-tech. This goes with the other gadgets because there are some hotels that can offer you more than just a hotel room telephone like a gold tablet. Security would even be high-tech in a futuristic hotel because those kinds of the hotel have guests that are rich and famous. So, you can bet that the security isn’t your ordinary slide the card to the doorknob kind of thing.

These are just things that the world’s futuristic hotel would have to offer you. You have to understand that they have an image to uphold so when you hear futuristic then you can imagine that you are seeing a building that looks like it’s from the future and would have the amenities from the future. I think futuristic hotels are amazing and worth it if you’re looking for a different feel on your holiday.

Some of the Smallest Hotel Rooms in the World

When you are traveling alone, it can be a bit expensive when you are going to get a room in a normal hotel even though you would just be staying for the night or for two nights. That is why rather than spend a lot of money in a room where you don’t need the extra space, you can always stay in hotels where their rooms are compact. This way you wouldn’t have to spend too much money and you wouldn’t have to worry. Here are some countries that can offer you a compact room for you to comfortably stay.

Japan – Capsule hotel

This hotel is very famous in Japan and around the world. You can find them in some parts of Japan. Because of its compact design, you can bet that it will be cheap but it will only be good for one person. This would also be good for people who are planning to stay for a night and the hotel also offers amenities like sleepers and other hygienic things.



New York – Pod Hotel

This is the perfect hotel for those who want a small place to live in the big apple with good amenities to offer. Because New York is famous for its lavishness then you can bet that the Pod hotel will also be glamorous and the room will be small enough to accommodate a certain number of people.  At least this way you get to experience something different while you are in the hotel. They also offer bunk beds.


Mexico – Tubohotel

This is a creative way for you to stay because the rooms will be placed outside where you can be one with nature. This hotel is very different because the rooms can be stack on top of each other and the room is compact so you can bet that it would be enough for you to sleep in comfortably.


Russia – Sleepbox Hotel

Another way for you to feel comfortable in a compact room but just like the Pod Hotel, you would have your own bathroom and other amenities that normal hotel would offer. The only difference would be is the size because if you are traveling alone then this is the hotel for you.




England – EasyHotel

If you are in England alone and you need a hotel to sleep in, then the Easyhotel would be the place for you. Situated in London amongst a vibrant nightlife scene, this is great for people who don’t spent much time in the hotel but want to save on accommodation costs. Though the size wouldn’t be as big as a normal hotel, they can still give you high-class service and common amenities that normal hotel would give you.



Check them out

If ever you are traveling alone or just need a place to stay in for the night, then you can bet that these hotels from these countries can help you, unless you’re claustrophobic!  The prices may be different which would depend on of hotel management but at least you would feel comfortable and you would have a place to sleep comfortably. Even though they can be compact and good for one person, they still can give your proper amenities that normal hotel will give you. So, you don’t have to worry when you need a place to stay because now you know where to go.

The World’s Tallest Hotel

Have you ever wondered about the world’s tallest hotel? Like you just randomly thought about it and wonder what it can offer you and where it is located so that you can visit it when you have the time? Because if you have wondered about it then let this help you learn more about it so you can travel to it and have more knowledge about it. If you’re passionate about hotels, your excitement will go through the roof.

The world’s tallest hotel is in Dubai, the JW Marriott Marquis hotel. It was built in the year 2012 with over 77 floors with a height of 355 meters or 1,165 ft. With that much height, you can expect an amazing view in your room.

It has a twin that is why it is also known as the twin-tower skyscraper complex. You don’t need to worry anymore if there aren’t any available rooms because the other twin can cater for you, your friends and your family.

It has amazing amenities like a business center, conference hall meetings room, swimming pool and even a retail outlet. You could even say that this hotel has it all because if you want entertainment you can and if you want to go shopping you still can. This is a hotel desgined to fulfill all your needs within its confines.

The food is prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. Your taste buds will love the sensation of how different and exotic ingredients come together and give it a world of flavors and textures. This hotel, after all, caters to the high-class guest so it’s no surprise that the chefs are high class too.

The exterior design of the hotel is phenomenal, extraordinary and breath-taking. You wouldn’t be able to find another hotel design like this one. Because the building is made from glass, for the convenience of each room, how the building was designed is like a 3D type. You would think that part of the building is bulging because of the design.

If the exterior design of the hotel is phenomenal, extraordinary and breath-taking then you should see the interior design. The design is fit for royalty and each room is lavishly designed to fit a luxurious sense of style and taste for the person staying in it. You won’t want to leave the place and you will feel like a king.

There is a famous novelty with this hotel, for the fact that you can witness two sunsets in the same day. You can observe the sun setting from the bases of the building, and once the sun has gone out of view, catch the elevator to the top floor and see it again! Quite remarkable. What’s even more incredible is that if you’re a Muslim living on one of the highest floors of the building, this means you will have to fast a couple of minutes longer during Ramadan!

Now you know about the world’s tallest hotel. If you wanted to you can visit the place or stay a night or two with your family, friends, special someone or by yourself. This way you would be able to enjoy the amazing view of Dubai and you would feel like you are royalty. But if you are afraid of heights then it would be best that you shouldn’t visit it. Overall Dubai is a place well worth visiting, and it’s a nice bonus that the tallest hotel in the world is there as well.

The Most Beautiful Magical Nature Hotels

Below are three of the most stunning hotels in the world. They all give a magical feel and encompass a fantastic feeling of being at one with both the natural and spiritual world. I truly believe the best hotels in are the ones which are unique, whether in terms of architecture or the feeling they give the guest. Read below to find more where to find these fantastic places.

1. Magic Mountain Hotel

Officially known as the “Montana Magicia Lodge”, this hotel reminds me of something between a mini volcano and a giant tee-pee. You can find it in the heart of the Patagonian rainforest in Chile. There are no televisions in this accommodation, which may put off some people, but it all adds to the natural feel! With the non-stop pace and constant technology in every day life – this is a great place to get away from it all. There are plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, a sauna, zip-line and more. The interior features furniture crafted from tree trunks which give a homely, rustic feel.

magic mountain hotel


2. Crazy House Hotel

Calling this magical place a hotel doesn’t do it justice, it’s a Gaudi-esque piece of art! You can find it in Vietnam and it was designed by architect Dang Viet Nga. Hang owns the property, and  if you’re lucky you might see her strolling the premises. It’s constructed from a dead tree and the interior is full of weird and wonderful things such as mysterious ladders and giant wooden animals. There is also a garden which follows the same fairy-tale theme with sculptures.


3. La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel

Finally the “La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel” near Durby in Belgium. This unusual hotel is designed as an enormous wooden Trojan horse. This provides a unique experience and there are ten rooms that are all sculpted completely from natural materials. Rooms are $50-$150 per night but it’s certainly worth it if you’re looking to get close to nature and to stay somewhere different. With the perfect mix of comfort & craziness we really recommend giving it a visit.