Futuristic Hotels

Have you seen a sci-fi movie where the designs look high-tech or futuristic? Do you enjoy seeing such a movie? Because if you wanted to, you can always stay in a futuristic hotel to accommodate you. You might not believe but it is true if you wanted here are things that a futuristic hotel might have that most hotels wouldn’t have.

Architectural design.

You see when you think about futuristic hotels it would be something that you don’t see every day. The design goes beyond ordinary and simple and you may reference it to a sci-fi movie or any futuristic movie that you have a watch. There are some futuristic hotels that look like a spaceship that you see in sci-fi movies.

One of my favorite designs is the sphere hotel by Milla Rezanova.

Interior design.

Another thing that a futuristic hotel would have would be the high-tech futuristic design. When you get inside it wouldn’t look like so common room but rather computers and furniture would look like something from a sci-fi movie. This would also go with the rooms of the hotel because you wouldn’t be staying in a 1600 century room but a room with technology and edgy furniture.

Amenities offered.

Rather than the usual retail store and swimming pool, the futuristic hotel can offer you beds that can spin or do certain things for your entertainment , for example having a television that can just pop from the floor so that you can maximize the use of the space in your room. There is even some bathroom glass that changes color.


Normally, when you stay at a common hotel the telephone would look ordinary but when you visit a futuristic hotel the telephone would look high-tech or is high-tech. This goes with the other gadgets because there are some hotels that can offer you more than just a hotel room telephone like a gold tablet. Security would even be high-tech in a futuristic hotel because those kinds of the hotel have guests that are rich and famous. So, you can bet that the security isn’t your ordinary slide the card to the doorknob kind of thing.

These are just things that the world’s futuristic hotel would have to offer you. You have to understand that they have an image to uphold so when you hear futuristic then you can imagine that you are seeing a building that looks like it’s from the future and would have the amenities from the future. I think futuristic hotels are amazing and worth it if you’re looking for a different feel on your holiday.