8 Customer Service Tips for Hotel Owners

As a hotel owner, do you sometimes have problems with your customer service? Because if you are then let this help you. One of the first things to focus on is the way you treat your customer service staff who deal with the problems of the customers. As a hotel owner you need to know these tips that can help your customer service team to be better so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the reputation of the hotel.

1. Give them an outlet

If you want your customer service representative to always be in good working condition, you need to give them an outlet to release the pressure of dealing with the problems of the customer. An outlet can be free time in the gym on their day off or doing swimming or any creative and healthy way for them to release the negativity that they receive from customers.

2. Learn to be soft

Because your customer service representative would be dealing a lot of customer complaints and negativity, don’t be too hard on them when they make a mistake when you ask them for something. They might be tired dealing with all the customers and they are all human beings so they can only take so much negativity in a day. You need to be firm if you don’t feel they are performing or pulling their weight, but you must try to show compassion when necessary.

3. Train them to handle customers professionally

When it comes to dealing with customers you need to make sure that the customer service representative would be ready for the job. This would mean that no matter how mean or bad the customer is talking to them; they always remain calm and polite. This would also show amazing professionalism because they didn’t lose it in front of the customer and will reflect well on the company. This is a seriously important thing to consider when hiring a member of staff, but just because they already show great professionalism, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t assist them with more training and advice.

4. Teach them about hygiene and cleanliness

When you are a customer service representative in a hotel, it is essential to look fresh and clean. This would mean that your hair is tidy, your mouth is clean and fresh, you don’t have any stains on your uniform and you smell exceptionally good so that the customer may complement you. People should be well groomed and not looking scruffy. This way you would look professional and give the best possibly impression of the hotel.

5. Feedback from customers and each other

If you want to know how about their performance, you can always ask for a feedback from the customer to check if they were being professional. Even the co-workers will do the same so that you would know the attitude from both the customer and the co-worker’s point of view. This way you would know how to deal with them professionally as the owner. You can them post these reviews online as a way of helping to receive more business. If you receive any negative feedback, make sure you respond to it and learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

6. Freebies

Placing free food and drink in a guest’s room can be a great touch for making them feel welcome. Even if it’s just a bottle of water and a couple of biscuits, these little touches can stick in the memory and add a lot of long term value to your business.

7. Visibility

Always make sure your staff is available and visible at reception. You need to make sure there is always someone there to answer a customers complaint or inquiry. Often if a guest has a problem that is dealt with in a swift, polite manner, the problem is forgotten about. But if they have to wait around and can’t find anyone this can make a problem seem much worse than it actually is.

8. Tips

Share tips fairly among you staff. Owners that pocket the majority of tips or distribute them unfairly might think they’re gaining an advantage, but this is often offset by disgruntled employees. By being a fair boss you can make your customer service representatives want to work for you and provide great customer service.

With these tips, you as the owner of the hotel wouldn’t have to worry when it comes to your customer service because you would know how to deal with them on a certain occasion. This would also help you to be more active when it comes to your customer service. After all, they are still human and they too need their rest because dealing with customers who have a lot of problems can give them pressure and stress and can make them sickly. That is why with the tips you can bet that they would always be ready for work and be professional during working hours.